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It is safer and better
to buy from the Amazon Online Jewellery Store
than from an actual jewellery store!

Amazon India has made gold, diamond and precious jewellery purchases more safe and secure than going to a real store. And at the Amazon India Jewellery Store, the customer is not just king but is an emperor, with unparalleled advantages and privileges.


Why it is better and safer to buy from Amazon India Jewellery store compared to an actual jewellery store – Quick Overview

  1. 10 days no questions asked return policy with a full refund.
  2. Your precious jewellery arrives in high tech Tamper Proof packaging.
  3. You can refuse to take the package on delivery from Amazon if you are not satisfied with the Tamper Proof package.
  4. The invoice you get is from the original Jewellery Store and not from Amazon, thus you will have a Kalyan Jewellers Invoice if you bought their product.
  5. If for any reason you want to return it, Amazon provides an Extra Tamper Proof pack with your every purchase of precious jewellery.
  6. You get a certificate of authenticity about your precious jewellery from a leading precious jewellery certification organization.
  7. You can talk to an Amazon GIA Certified Jewellery Expert at any time.
  8. No need to go anywhere or worry about how to carry the jewellery, you buy from the safety and comfort of your home and it is delivered to your home.
  9. Live video recording of the packaging process at the Jewellery Store happens for live video proof.
  10. Each product page has clear and transparent information from the Seller regarding buy back and exchange policy and conflict free diamonds if they are being used.
  11. Take a look at the Jewellery Buying Guide on Amazon India for their own clarifications on these points –
    Amazon India Jewellery Buying Guide

This is just an overview, now its time to read the details of how Amazon is clearly the most conveinent and safest place to buy your precious jewellery.

Now, let's look at the complete details of buying precious jewellery from Amazon India!

(what a huge choice awaits, all with a single click!)


Let us begin by looking at a typical jewellery purchase scenario.

You and your wife decide to buy a gold and diamond necklace to mark a special occasion, and head out one day to buy from one of the well known jewellery stores.

To carry cash or not?

Before you go, you make sure that you have enough balance in your bank if you plan to use a card, or you carry enough cash for the purchase (which isn’t a very good idea). A little niggling worry is there in your mind about coming back with an expensive necklace, but really there is nothing to worry about… how will anyone know you just bought an expensive necklace!

Driving all the way to the best market with several stores

You look for a market where the big jewellery stores will be there, say Joyallukkas, Kalyan Jewellers, Mehrasons and others. You have to travel quite a distance and it will take up most of the day, but that’s ok. You choose a holiday and go to the big market. You go from one store to another but somehow, the salespeople seem to be just trying to force something down your throat. Finally you both do like something in one of the stores and purchase it. It is nicely packed and you are given an invoice which is also a guarantee of workmanship and defects. All is well and you return home without incident.


There's something you don't like about the necklace, when you get home

In a few day time you realise that one of the small design elements in the necklace is makes the necklace look a little lopsided. You know that the store will not take it back or exchange it unless there is a clear defect, or there is a big glaring problem. You both decide that it will become too much of a hassle to return it, and well if you don't really focus on the defect, it looks fine.

But then a few days later you realise that your wife is uncomfortable wearing that necklace. You decide to go back to the store.

Again there is a bout of worry about carrying the necklace in the car to the jewellery store, but that is not really an issue. The bigger challenge is how to return the necklace and get your money back. You both are not in the mood to buy another necklace. 

The very thought of returning it is tiring

What follows is best left to your imagination, maybe you are able to return it (highly unlikely that a store will take back a necklace and return the money because you no longer like it and the defect isn’t really a defect and you had checked it all out before you purchased it etc. etc.) and get your money back, maybe not… but imagine the stress and trouble you had to go through.


Now let us imagine the same situation of buying a gold and diamond necklace on Amazon India.

You and your wife decide to buy the necklace from Amazon India Jewellery Store. You spend hours surfing the thousands and thousands of designs and necklaces on Amazon from all the big jewellery brands like Joyalukkas, Kalyan Jewellers, Senco, Gitanjali and many more, right from the comfort of your home. After having a great time looking at the options finally your wife decides she likes one necklace.

It is expensive but your wife loves it, so what is the next step?
Instant Online payment?

You just pay the cost of the necklace online, and then you wait for the necklace to arrive in your house?

Not at all.

The first thing you do is have an online chat at that very moment with an Amazon GIA qualified Jewellery Expert (GIA is an international non-profit organization dedicated to education and research in the field of gems and jewellery), who will answer all your questions. The Amazon Jewellery Expert tells you about the process, but words in a chat box aren’t too convincing. That’s when you decide to call the Jewellery Expert Helpline directly.


Talk to the Amazon Jewellery Expert on the phone instantly

You put your mobile number in the call request box on the Amazon website, and a jewellery expert calls you back within a minute or so.

A reassuring voice on the other side says 'Hello, how can I help you?'.

You have a long conversation about the way the entire purchase happens and get to know some very surprising and amazing facts.

First and foremost Amazon has a 10 day precious jewellery return policy by means of which you can return any precious jewellery you purchased within 10 days of receiving it. That means if your wife notices something she doesn’t like about the necklace, it can be returned with no questions asked. Wow!

Amazon comes to your home to collect precious jewellery returns

Next you worry about how you will return the precious necklace by courier, and you are told that Amazon will come and collect the jewellery from your home. Now, that is absolutely amazing. You just click on the return option online and an Amazon agent will come to your home and take the jewellery back and your money will be fully refunded. Is this for real? Yes it absolutely is. This is at the core of the Amazon online jewellery store. The customer has the full benefit of returning jewellery purchased within 10 days, no matter what the reason is.

Then you might think, when the necklace comes to your home, what if it isn’t a genuine product or someone has exchanged it on the way. That’s when the Amazon agent really gets into his element. Amazon India has a fool proof process in place involving tamper proof packaging, live video recording of the packaging process in the store, and full rights with the customer to refuse the package at the time of delivery if they feel something is wrong.

Here is how it works.

First of all, the invoice you will get on buying the jewellery will come directly from the jewellery store you bought it from. That means the documents and invoice will be from Kalyan Jewellers if you bought a Kalyan Jewellers product.

Complete international certification with every piece of precious jewellery

Next and most important, Amazon will not have any precious jewellery on its site, unless it is accompanied by an authenticity certificate from one of the world’s foremost jewellery authentication organisations which include BIS Hallmark and NABL. For a piece of jewellery to get the BIS Hallmark or NABL certification, it will be sent to a special testing laboratory, where these organisations will test that particular piece of jewellery and then give a stamped certificate for it stating it main characteristics like karats, weight, quality of stone etc.

The very existence of the certificate is your legal proof that the jewellery provided to you is exactly as per the size, weight, karat and other specifications provided to you in the invoice. Amazon does not keep any kjewellery that does not have this kind of authenticity certificate.

That itself is a great safeguard for a customer.

Next when the piece of jewellery is being packed for you, the store has an online live video camera recording the event, that is monitored by a special Amazon team, to ensure that the right piece of jewellery has gone into the special tamper proof package for delivery to you.


High Tech Tamper Proof Packaging

The tamper proof package is a very high tech package, created in such a way that that if anyone makes even the slightest attempt to open it or tamper with it, it will show very clearly as big scratches on the package. Also once it is opened there is no way to close the same package again.

When you are receiving the package if you see even small marks on it, you have the full right to return it without accepting or opening the package. Thereafter it is Amazon’s responsibility to check the contents of the package and your responsibility is over. You can then either take a refund or ask for a new delivery of the same necklace.

Meanwhile if you bought the necklace and for whatever reason decide to return it, then Amazon provides you with an extra tamper proof pack along with your purchase. You get the extra tamper proof pack every time you buy precious jewellery because Amazon wants to make it very easy for you the return it if you want to. All you need to do is ask for returning the package online and fix a date and time for the Amazon Agent to come and pick up your package. You will receive very clear instructions about how and when to put your precious jewellery into the provided tamper proof pack and hand it over to the Amazon agent. And that’s it, your item is returned and your money gets refunded.

And all through you can just pick up the phone and call a very helpful Amazon Jewellery Expert to guide you through any part of the process.

Clear and transparent information from Seller on each product

Amazon goes one step further and also ensures that you get very clear information on the product page of each item regarding it being conflict free, what its buy back and exchange policy is etc. Amazon has ensured that every product page has all the information required to make a sound precious jewellery purchase. The seller of the particular item will state their specific policy on buying back the item and also what exchange policy they have in place. All this information is transparently communicated, along with details of conflict free diamonds.  

Here are a few useful guides from Amazon India that will give you all the information you need top buy precious jewellery.


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Jewellery online needs to be purchased ONLY from reputable and authentic jewellery stores like India's Largest Online Jewellery Store - Amazon India. For gold jewellery online, artificial jewellery online, fashion jewellery online or diamond jewellery online, ensure there is a sound returns policy, which Amazon offers - NO QUESTIONS ASKED 30 DAYS RETURNS on Fashion Jewellery and 10 DAYS RETURNS on Precious Jewellery.

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RINGJEWEL 2.51 Ct VS1 Pear Real Moissanite Solitaire Engagement & Wedding Ring Green Blue Size 15

  • Moissanite Color : Green Blue
  • Metal Type : Silver
  • This Is Real Moissanite Ring.
  • Natural Diamond Hardness Is 10 & Moissanite Hardness Is 9.25.
  • Diamond & Moissanite Maintains Its Clarity And Sparkle Throughout A Lifetime.
  • A Moissanite Is An Actual Lab Created Simulated Diamond
  • And This Is One Of The Finest Diamond Alternative Products With 10 Times Lower Price On The Market To Date.

₹ 5,019



Candere By Kalyan Jewellers Gold and Diamond Ring for Women

  • This product can be returned in 10 days. Exchange and Buyback may be available offline as per the seller/brand policy
  • BIS hallmarked
  • Adorned with real diamond
  • The diamond is certified and has a SGL certificate
  • The product is 2.35 mm in length and 7.15 mm in width
  • The product comes with manufacturer and seller warranty
  • Packed in wooden box
  • This jewellery piece belongs to the Forever Love collection
  • Ideal for promise
  • BIS hallmark is NOT a separate certificate, it is an inscription made on the product
  • All weights mentioned are estimated weight and there will be difference in the final product weight

₹ 8,000

The best way to buy Jewellery online in India

The beauty of Indian culture is something that is incomplete without jewellery. More than just being a personal adornment for women, jewellery in India is considered precious and divine for its majestic beauty.

Irrespective of any era, jewellery in India has always been considered as a symbol of celebration of beauty. Such is the beauty of jewellery that from the Mughal era when Kundan and Meenakari jewellery flourished to the modern times in which we live today, even countless transformations has never been able to change our urge to own the best jewellery. Today, as technology has redefined our lives, it is the online shopping portal that has given us the opportunity to choose amongst the best of jewellery designs around the world.

Amazon India is one amongst the best online shopping portals of the world that allows you to compare and choose jewellery from a wide gamut of brands, types and categories that includes imitation jewellery, gold jewellery, bridal and antique jewellery along with contemporary jewellery design for earrings, rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and many more!

With a catalogue that never exhausts, amazon is one such e-shopping portal where your fondness for jewellery will be exposed to thousands of different types of diamonds, necklaces and bracelets in various materials like bamboo, wood, rubber, lac, ceramic, enamel, shell from where you can select and choose the one that fits your taste and preference to satisfy your desire to look the best. So whether you are shopping for Hyderabad Pearls, Royal Rajasthani jewellery, Kashmiri Jhumkis or Religious Jewellery, Amazon India has a collection that is literally endless.

The best part of purchasing jewellery from Amazon is that it has an unimaginable array of jewellery brands that includes Gitanjali, Tara, Orra, Sia Art Jewellery, Addons, Ayesha, Peora along with designer designer jewellery from world-class designers like Ciana, Isharya, Zariin, Curio Cottage and many more.

You can choose not only from a huge variety of brands and styles of jewellery, you have a tremendous variety in the category of jewellery you are looking for. Amazon allows you to pick from a world-class range of diverse kinds of jewellery for different occasions including Engagement & Wedding Rings, Pearl & Gold Necklace, Designer Jewellery, Gifting Jewellery, Stone Jewelry Designer Bangles, Precious Jewellery, Fashion Jewellery, Gold Bangles, Pearl Earrings, Toe Rings, Gold & Silver Bracelets, Stud Earrings, Bridal Jewellery, Silver Earrings, Pearl Ring Silver Jewellery, Silver Bangles, Gold Pendant, Long Necklaces, Beaded Necklaces, Traditional Imitation Jewellery, Men’s Jewellery & Accessories.

Go ahead and explore the Top 10 in India Jewellery site, and find just what you were looking for.

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